My Bicycles

Fuji World touring bike

2005 Fuji World touring bike - my primary commuting bike that's had a face lift with a steel disc fork, Avid BB7 disc brakes, Velocity Deep V wheelset and Continental Top Contact tires and of course a Brooks B17 saddle.

Bianchi xcross bike

80-something Bianchi xcross 'beater' bike. Of all of my bikes, I think this is still my favorite. The only thing original on this bike is the ugly, beat-up, rattle-can painted frame, the TTT handlebars and the Radius canti brakes. We upgraded the drive train with Shimano Tiagra 9 speed compact crank, front/rear derailleurs, shifters and cassette, plus Velocity Fusion wheel set and of course a comfy Brooks Team Professional saddle.

2008 Surly Big Dummy

2008 Surly Big Dummy utility & touring bike. This is my mule...for hauling groceries, stuff my wife might buy from any shop, road-side stand or garage/yard sale we might come across on a ride, camping trips and my next great unsupported tour.

Salsa La Raza road bike

2008 Salsa La Raza road bike - for doing the roadie thing on nice summer days.

Raleigh Superbe Roadster

2009 Raliegh Superbe Roadster - a modern version of an old classic

Raleigh One-Way

2007 Raleigh One-Way Single speed/Fixed Gear - there's nothing like the simplicity of a single speed or fixed gear bike. The One-Way has a flip-flop hub so I can go from single speed to fixed in the time it takes to flip the wheel.

Motobecane HT-500

2010 Motobecane HT-500 - this inexpensive mountain bike sports Nokian Hakkapelitta 240 studded tires because it's my snow & ice beater/commuter.